Nutella Syrup

I have been craving chocolate all this week! But I think my chocolate craving has finally been satisfied today (at least for the time being! {smile}). Now usually on my cheat days, I make pancakes and top them with my peanut butter syrup. But since chocolate has been my craving this week, I decided to try something a little different


I know what you’re thinking, “spaghetti!?!…anyone can make spaghetti!” Ah, but this isn’t just spaghetti, this is Sweet and Spicy Monkey’s version of the traditional Italian favorite. Now you’re thinking “how can you change spaghetti?”. Let me just say this isn’t your momma’s spaghetti! I didn’t just pick this blog’s name Sweet and Spicy Monkey out of a hat, there’s

Dos Crunch Tostada

With all this cold weather, I’m ready to head south of the border for some sunshine and warmth! Well, since I can’t quite do that just yet (ya know, work and the fact I’m snowed in!) I’ll have to make believe I’m there by whipping up something from south of the border. Now I love, love, love me some Mexican food….tacos, enchiladas,