Sweet Cherry Biscuits

In the morning, think of these Sweet Cherry Biscuits instead of doughnuts or as princess cakes for your little girl.  The calendar might say it’s February and the middle of winter, but I think Mother Nature wants to come out and play now. Seriously, it’s going to reach the high 70’s today here in Georgia! In February!! We’ve had a

Strawberry Shortcakes

I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe for Strawberry Shortcakes with y’all today! For one thing, it’s Valentine’s Day. And these Strawberry Shortcakes are a sweet version of my homemade biscuits. I don’t know about you, but I love biscuits! So light and fluffy. Add in a little sweetness and strawberries and you have the perfect Valentine’s treat for any

Carrot Cake Muffins

I know Easter has passed already but I’ve been sick over the last couple weeks with a sinus infection and earache so I haven’t really felt like making anything in the kitchen. Except something to eat so I won’t completely shrivel up and die while I’m puny with sickness. So now that I’m feeling better, I got right back into

Lemon Poppy Seed Easter Bread

When some friends over at The Daily Meal and Country Crock teamed up and invited me to create a special Easter baked-goods recipe that includes Country Crock, 1.) I was honored and 2.) I wanted to create something that tastes of Spring and was different than anything else I have ever made. Plus I wanted something that not only incorporated Country Crock spread as one of the

Jellybean Bark

Spring is finally here and it’s starting to warm up, a balmy 82 today here in Georgia! Good bye old man Winter! And with spring comes Easter, bringing back childhood memories of Easter baskets filled full with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. I love Easter! As I was shopping in my local supermarket today, I saw a display of Easter