Slow Cooker Pinto Beans (Vegan)

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Cinco de Mayo is this Thursday. One of my favorite holidays and just another reason to eat all the Mexican food I want, like these Slow Cooker Vegan Pinto Beans. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have even noticed a Mexican food theme over the last week. Sorry Not Sorry. Because I

Cinco de Mayo Recipe Round-up

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays of the year and it’s coming up this week, Thursday to be exact. I love this holiday because it’s all about good Mexican food, good friends, and good times. This year, I’ve turned to some of my foodie friends over at Culinary Content Network to help me celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Slow Cooker Vegan Sweet Potato and Carrot Chili

  It’s that time of year to bring out the crockpot and start cooking something delicious. Especially when temperatures go from a balmy 69 degrees to a frigid 18. Talk about a wakeup call! So when I heard about the Bush’s beans chili cook off, it gave me another reason to dust off my crockpot and make a big batch

Spirulina Guacamole

I love Mexican food. However, I haven’t made any Mexican food here lately except for guacamole. Since avocados are in season, I’ve been buying them in bulk and occasionally I will make some guacamole. I’ve shared a guacamole recipe with you already, but today’s recipe is a little different than the one I’ve already shared. I made this one from

Dos Crunch Tostada

With all this cold weather, I’m ready to head south of the border for some sunshine and warmth! Well, since I can’t quite do that just yet (ya know, work and the fact I’m snowed in!) I’ll have to make believe I’m there by whipping up something from south of the border. Now I love, love, love me some Mexican food….tacos, enchiladas,