Healthy & Easy Breakfast Ideas for Back-To-School 

I cannot stress the importance of eating a good breakfast.

I know you’ve heard over the years that breakfast helps you perform better, but did you know it might also lower your chance for Type 2 Diabetes when you get older? Or that it might help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure?

Yep, there’s actual scientific research that shows breakfast helps your body by not starving it after waking or overeating when you do get around to eating. (Consumer Reports Magazine 10/2014)

Medical science just backing up what mom always says, “Eat your breakfast.”

I’ve shared a few breakfast recipes here with you to make the night before so you can save time in the morning.

I will list a few of them again for you below, along with this infographic from Quill that reminds you of why eating breakfast is good for your body and some new and easy breakfast recipes to try.

Peach Protein Smoothie

Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

Chocolate Brownie Smoothie Bowl 

Easy Protein Yogurt

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