Vegan Beef Nachos

Lately I’ve been crushing on these Vegan Beef Nachos I made last week. They’re full of good for you stuff like black beans, red onion, tomatoes, avocado, and jalapeño. You get it, they’re full of veggies that pack a punch to your taste buds! But the one thing that sets these apart from other vegan nachos is the vegan “beef”

Vegetable Frittata

Winter has finally showed her ugly, bitter head here in Georgia this week. And all this arctic air is giving me a good reason to keep my oven on! California girls aren’t made for arctic air! If I wanted Arctic air, I’d move to Michigan. I’m never moving to Michigan, if that clears things up for you. This week I’ve

Ribollita ~ Tuscan Soup

I know, it’s spring, but the chill of winter is still lurking around, along with all this rain. And what better time to take advantage of all the fresh vegetables in the store right now than with this delicious Ribollita Tuscan Soup, also known as cabbage and white bean winter soup. It’s chocked full of good things like cabbage, kale,